A Paws For Pets — Here we go again

By LaMoine Roth, York Adopt A Pet

Back in March of 2018, I received a mayday call from a woman who said she was homeless and couldn’t keep her three cats. She said she had a ride to York and if I could foster them for her, she would come back and reclaim them. The story was sad as most hard luck stories tend to be.  And as it always is, my decision boils down to what is the best for the cats, so you know where this is going.

Later that day, she arrived in my driveway with cats in hand. I settled Mama, Sammie and Blackie into their temporary home. A few days turned into a few weeks and then months. She called periodically to check on them. I asked her if she would be willing to have Blackie adopted to a new home. Blackie was a beautiful long hair maine coon. A local family had visited the sanctuary and was interested in adopting him. I explained I was fostering them but would check with the owner. She agreed and happily Blackie was at last going to be in a happy and stabilized household.

Mama and Sammie were so identical in looks and were incredibly bonded. They were both tabby short hairs and the only way I could tell them apart was Mama had conjunctivitis in her right eye. While they were living here, I had them spayed, all of their vaccinations brought up to date and finally Mama’s conjunctives were brought into control. I was told Mama was the mother of Sammie. At the time they were brought to me in 2018, Mama was six years old and Sammie was two years old. Fast forward six years and they are now 12 and eight.

The owner finally picked them up in October of 2018.

Fast forward to last month, 2024, I received a call asking if I was the home where her sister-in-law had left for cats for several months in 2018. When I acknowledged I was that person, she asked if I could once again take them in. She said her sister-in-law had a pattern of getting a job, working several days and then quitting. She and friends have helped her out for the past few years but they are done. She said she is not taking good care of the cats and she will not be coming back for them. I am not sure what the exact circumstances are but once again I made my decision. It boils down to what is good for the cat.

They are now eight years older and unfortunately are not healthy. She had changed their names from Sammie to Cissy and Mama is now named Charity. I wanted to be certain these were the same cats so I took them. I checked my records and photos and they are definitely the same cats even though she changed their names.

Her problem once again became my problem. Yes I could have said no but I would be haunted by what could be happening to the cats.  Unfortunately Mama’s eyes are terrible. I am giving them medicine but we may have to remove them as they are causing her pain.

I just read an article written by an animal rescuer, and I know I have heard excuses though the years of people saying anything to pass their responsibility to someone else.

Cissy and Charity will stay with me and hopefully at some point in time a family will adopt these two sweet cats as a pair so they can live out their senior lives in a safe and loving home.

So here we go again.

I hope that you can attend our ninth annual Run/Walk Fur Luv. It begins at 8 a.m., Saturday morning. For all information, check out last week’s Paws for Pets article. All proceeds go to the care of the cats and dogs. These fundraising efforts provide for medical care for spay/neuter, vaccinations and for animals with a serious issue such as Cissy. Her eyes are so inflamed and swollen they may require surgery to remove them. If you would like to donate to Cissy, please send or bring donations to York Adopt A Pet at 1611 Grant Ave.,  York, NE 68467  and tag that this would go to Cissy’s eye care. Thanks to you, Cissy will be a new cat, free of pain.


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