Questions of the Week — Readers ask about data mining, letters to the editor, city of the year, cleaning up problem properties

The following questions were asked recently by inquiring readers: 


Q: I was wondering what are those structures along Highway 34 between Division Avenue and NPPD on the south side of the road? They even make a humming sound and I have never seen anything like it.

A: Those structures are part of an $8 million data mining venture.

Nearly two years ago, BginUSA selected the City of York as the location for their next data mining complex.

The result was approximately 30 units of computer services and an office.

The property was purchased from the City of York, as that was the new industrial park area owned by the city, at that point.

As Lisa Hurley, executive director of the York County Development Corporation, explained at the time of the purchase of the land, “Data mining development fits York well because it brings sizable new revenues and new investments to the community without competing for workers in this tight job market.”

During city council meetings, leading up to the land sale, Nicole Sedlacek, economic development manager from NPPD, presented information on data mining as a valuable economic development opportunity for York. Data mining operations generate revenues for the city through the city’s electricity lease agreement with NPPD as well as city sales tax revenues on electricity sales.

Bin Shu, BginUSA manager from the Omaha office, stated at the time of the land sale, “We selected the City of York not only because it can provide the power that we need, but also because of the intelligent and hardworking people we’ve met there. The people make the difference we need to succeed.”


Q: I didn’t go to the open house for the trail expansion program and I certainly wanted to. I still want my voice to be heard because I think this would be a great project. Can I still voice my support?

A: Yes. The comment period is open until June 12. Go to


Q: I hate the trail expansion project in York. Hate it. But I had to work and missed the open house. Can I still voice my opinion?

A: Yes. The comment period is open until June 12. Go to


Q: There is a property on Iowa Avenue that is so overgrown and so out of control with weeds, trees and garbage and a house falling down, there is no way an individual can ever fix it. It’s been a problem for a very long time. It’s the one right down on the south side, near the trails. What on earth can be done? Who do we talk to?

A: This particular property has been brought up before; contact the city offices with your concerns. The city takes action, following notices and if a certain amount of time has gone by with no action by the owner, to correct these situations. There are court-directed processes to cleaning up properties.


Q: There are a bunch of really important issues being considered in York County right now. Can we submit editorials/letters to the editor to this website? Will run them?

A: Absolutely! We encourage it! We created a new space on the website just for editorial commentary, so please send them our way!

There are no length requirements of any kind. Whatever you want to write, you can write – leaving curse words behind.

The only rule is that you have to provide your name, to ensure the validity of the content and to keep it fair, to make sure the person who said what they said . . . well, that they said what they said. And they are willing to stand behind it. There are processes to validate the authenticity once the comments are received.

All editorials can be sent to


Q: I saw the York Adopt A Pet’s postings about new puppies available for adoption. How do you go about that?

A: You need to complete and submit an adoption application online or pick one up at York Adopt A Pet during their open hours, which are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, noon until 3 p.m.

When the adoption application is approved, an appointment will be scheduled.

Adopters must be 19 years old or older.

York Adopt A Pet says the following:

  • For the adopter: When adopting a pet from York Adopt A Pet, “you need to be the pet’s new owner. It is important to choose a pet that fits your own lifestyle and preferences, so we do not adopt our pets as gifts. If you want to initiate an adoption for someone else, consider giving them a gift card from YAAP.
  • For family members: It’s important that the pet you are adopting fits in with your family, so if you have kids, bring them. If you are looking to add another dog, bring your family dogs. Cats take longer to adjust to new family, so we don’t recommend cat-dog or cat-cat visits.
  • Dog adoption: Please bring a leash for your new dog. For the dog’s safety and yours, every dog must be leashed when leaving the shelter. Leashes and collars are available for sale in the YAAP gift shop.
  • Cat adoption: Please bring a carrier for your new cat. For the cat’s safety and yours, every cat adopted must be in a carrier when leaving the shelter. Carriers or a cat adoption kit (which includes a carrier, bowls, bed, litter pan, litter scoop, litter and a catnip toy) are available at the YAAP gift shop.

Go to in order to go to the proper channels.


Q: What is wrong with the family aquatic center?

A: There were a couple of short, temporary closure times because of water clarity issues, according to York Parks and Recreation. Otherwise, all things are great and the family aquatic center is bursting with summer fun — except for when storm clouds roll in.


Q: Is it true that York received the Outstanding Nebraska Community of the Year Award? When did that happen?

A: In September of 2016, York received that award, which was presented by Governor Pete Ricketts.





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