County’s juvenile diversion program awarded grants

YORK COUNTY – York County’s juvenile diversion program has been awarded two operational grants which will provide funding for the agency’s work.

Tristan Perry, director of the program, told the York County Commissioners this past week how they were awarded a $115,069 grant and another for $16,000.

His and another employee’s wages are paid from these funds.

“These are the grants we receive from the crime commission,” explained York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier. “We ask for the grants, show how they are spent and now we have to accept them.”

The commissioners asked how many clients are being served by the county’s juvenile diversion program. Perry said when he started two years ago, about 10-13 were being served on the diversion side and about 15-20 on the truancy side. “Next year, we will have about 55 in diversion and the truancy program will have about 60. This year, we will be about 45-50, and about 70 in the truancy program.”

Commissioner Andy Bowman asked, “How much more volume can you handle?”

“Well, we are getting to that point,” Perry responded.

“Does some of the Polk County load scare you a little?” Bowman asked, as Perry has agreed to help Polk County with their programs as well.

“No, they only have about 5-10 cases, there haven’t been any drastic numbers in Polk County,” Perry said. “The schools there aren’t as big as the York Public Schools. But we are looking at whether another person would be effective.”

The commissioners agreed to sign off on acceptance of the grants.

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