York County Assessor’s office issues statement about 2024 valuations in the City of York – good news for property owners

YORK – York County Assessor Kurt Bulgrin issued the following statement late Wednesday afternoon, regarding property valuations within the city of York:

“During the 2024 valuation process, some abnormalities were found in the values in the City of York.  After investigating further, it was discovered that a glitch caused some 700-plus residential parcels to be valued using our software’s 2020 costing manual instead of the 2008 costing manual, resulting in large valuation increases for some residents in the City of York.  Since the problem has been identified, and in order to achieve equalization, the 700-plus parcels that are currently being valued using the 2020 costing manual will return to last year’s values using the old manual. If one of these 700-plus properties had any improvements last year, like new construction, the value of those new improvements will be included in addition to last year’s value. Since this is an error that occurred, residents WILL NOT need to file a valuation protest to resolve this issue. Once the York County Board of Equalization approves these changes, new notices of valuation will be sent to the owners of the effected properties.

“Starting next year, all of the City of York will be under the 2020 costing manual. There will be some increases next year when that change takes place, but it will be nowhere near the valuation increases that were sent out last week since all properties will be valued in a equalized manner.  If you have any questions regarding this issue or the valuation process, please feel free to contact me. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and I appreciate your patience as we move forward to correct this error.”


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