A Paws For Pets — Waiting for our chance of a forever home

By LaMoine Roth, York Adopt A Pet

Hundreds upon hundreds of cats and kittens have entered the Cat Sanctuary since it was started in 2000 as part of York Adopt A Pet. From having no facilities for cats all changed and within a short time we had two locations in York giving shelter and care to hundreds. Since our new shelter opened in 2010, the Sanctuary Cats were welcomed into our brand new shelter. Through the years some cats have had as short a turnaround as several hours, days or maybe weeks or months. But there are those who have waited for years. Their forever homes may happen tomorrow but if not they will continue to live within the circle of love and compassion our volunteers have continued to give each and every day. Some are in foster care of which I have a few. Their histories are varied but the care and compassion for each cat or kitten is always the same. They become a part of the York Adopt A Pet family.

Hopefully by highlighting several of these cats today, they will be taken into their forever home.

Hannah has been in foster care since 2021. She was found on the west side of York roaming from home to home, trying to be noticed. Thankfully a compassionate woman called and asked if I could help the starving young cat. She has been so patient waiting for someone to notice her sweet personality and gentle ways. She is a soft buff female and loves to cuddle.

Trilley has spent four years and 10 months at the shelter. She was adopted as Nod when she was a kitten in 2020. Her name was changed because she loves to talk to you in a thrilling way. Sadly, her human passed away and she was brought back to us. Fast forward to March, 2022, Trilley was adopted to a wonderful home but sadly her human had medical problems and could not return to her so Trilley came back to the shelter. Trilley is a gorgeous black and white long-hair spayed female. She is a quiet girl who keeps to herself but does accept and love attention from the volunteers. Her favorite place to lay is the top of the cat tree or in front of the window to the lobby so she can watch everything and everyone. Trilley is a rare beauty.

Oreo is a sweet little male who was found out of our county with a very serious injury on his back. The woman who rescued him paid to have his wound treated but he had nowhere to go after he was dismissed from the veterinary clinic. He arrived in the fall of 2022. So literally he has grown up in a foster care home. He has so much energy and is so playful. I have a hard time wondering why he hasn’t been adopted, he meets everyone with enthusiasm and is an attention grabber. Maybe this will be his chance.

Gussie has spent four years and 11 months at the shelter. She was left behind in an apartment at the Leisure Home. Gussie is very confused as to why she is where she is. One day she was living with her human and then she found herself all alone in her home. She was discovered when a kind person came to her home and realized she had been abandoned. Gussie has the sweetest face. Because of what she has gone through she is cautious about trusting anyone but slowly she is realizing humans are her friends. She just needs time and patience. Gussie does need to be the only cat in her new home. Just look at that sweet, sweet face!

These are just a few of the many cats who were waiting for their big day. Please pause and look at these endearing and hopeful faces looking back at you.  Some have histories which are known while others have no information. These cats did not ask for the life they were given, they did nothing to deserve what irresponsible humans did to turn their lives upside down. And there are cats like Trilley who had responsible human care but were affected by health and death issues with their human families.

So much tragedy but also so much love and compassion. These cats have been given a second chance at life through the efforts of York Adopt A Pet and the care of the volunteers. Each and every day there is a smiling face who greets the residents of York Adopt A Pet. They receive fresh food, water, grooming and cleaning of their living areas. They are being constantly checked for health issues which may arise, vet care is given immediately and most importantly, they receive the love and care of people who really do make a difference each and every day they enter the cat area.

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