Henderson man sentenced to prison, post-release supervision, for assault

YORK COUNTY – Gordon L. Spencer, Jr., 36, of Henderson, has been sentenced to prison and post-release supervision for assaulting a woman.

His sentencing took place this past week in York County District Court.

The case began last year when the York County Sheriff’s Department and the Henderson Police Department were alerted to a disturbance in the 1100 Block of 14th Street in Henderson.

The reporting person, according to court documents, indicated a woman in an apartment building was yelling for help and said this wasn’t the first time this has happened.

The responding law enforcement officers were informed the woman had gone to a local business, waiting for them to respond.

When they went to the business, according to the affidavit filed by the YSO, the woman said she had been beaten with a stick, punched and kicked repeatedly in her stomach. She also had a cut on her arm which she said had happened when Spencer “threw her through drywall three weeks prior.” She told investigators he had “beat her face with a tape measure and as she covered her face, the tape measure took a chunk of skin out of her elbow.”

Deputies asked about abrasions on her hand, which she said were from Spencer “as he bites.” She also had “scars on her breasts from when he attacked her a year prior and she was covered head to toe with bruises,” according to court documents.

She said he had “tried to bite her” that day. She also said her body print was in the drywall in the bedroom.

Other injuries were also discovered, which cannot be published due to the graphic nature.

The deputies found Spencer, who told investigators the woman’s memory was “really bad” due to two car accidents. He also said the woman “misunderstood him.”

The court affidavit says a review of his criminal history “shows he is a multi-state offender with criminal histories in the states of Florida and Nebraska, with a prior conviction for domestic assault in Hamilton County. He also has entries on his criminal history for failure to appear, out of county warrant, contempt of court, violation of pretrial release for domestic violence and probation violation.”

This week, he was sentenced to a term of 18 months in prison with 239 days credit for time already served. He was also sentenced to 18 months of post-release supervision.


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