Marcia, Marcia, Marcia — Every day is a good day

It seemed fitting how a man whose career was dedicated to the safety and security of this nation should pass on Memorial Weekend. He was 93 and had made several trips around the globe. He was my Daddy and Mike’s Dad; a Czech/German who for more than nine decades made this world a better place. He was loved … he is missed tremendously here on earth … I am grateful for his peaceful passing and that he is at rest. Remembering CWO-4 David Lee Lang U.S. Army (Ret.) today and always. My father passed away in the early morning hours of May 27, 2023.

This year it seems fitting my column runs on Memorial Day, the 27th, the first anniversary of my father’s passing. It is hard to believe it has been a year already. Although, I shouldn’t be in disbelief; Heidi has been gone for 10 years.

When Jay and I took a ride this weekend the back of the car looked a bit like a floral shop. Memorial weekend is when I change out flowers and we go for a summer look! This year Jay’s family can be found under sunny sunflower bouquets. For my father; the red, white and blue of roses and hydrangea. Mom, well, she will be enjoying a pastel arrangement in shades of pink. And for Heidi Rae, some daisies mixed with wildflowers.

Memorial Day … one day set aside to honor those who came before us; those gone too soon. One day is nice, says I. But it also isn’t enough. That’s because every day is a good day to remember.

Every day is a good day to remember how my father cut the elastic off the tops of all of his socks because elastic made them too tight. And how he always asked for more jelly at Cracker Barrel so he could take it home for his toast … he had so much jelly. How dad always said, “love you girl” to me before I left. And how much he appreciated the chewy oatmeal raisin cookies, lemon poppy seed bread and kolache I baked for him.

And every day is a good day to remember my Heidi Rae. The girl with the big green eyes and the untied shoe. Heidi, who many times was the adult in the room, even as a child. She knew stuff. Stuff about life, about perspective, about thrift shops and thrifty shopping. Heidi loved her Ben and Margie. Being a mom was at the top of her bucket list and she was a wonderful one. Keeping her memory alive involves story-telling, photographs, owls, potato soup, garlic knots, balloons, angel food cake with strawberries and squirty whipped cream, and hugs. Hugs, because every time I hug the kids I feel like I’m transferring positive energy from her right to them.

Yes, every day is a good day to remember … “You are no longer with me, but you are everywhere that I am,” – Victor Hugo.






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