Jail sentence handed down in case involving DUI, pointing a gun at another driver and possessing cocaine

YORK – Ryan Schaible, 45, of Adamsville, Tennessee, has been sentenced to time in the York County Jail in a case involving him pointing a gun at another driver, while driving intoxicated and possessing cocaine in York County.

He earlier reached a plea agreement in a case initially starting with seven counts related to possession of a firearm, drugs and obstruction. Sheriff’s deputies said he was driving while intoxicated on Interstate 80 in York County, while in possession of cocaine and pointing a gun at another driver.

He was initially charged with possession of a firearm while committing a felony, a Class 2 felony; possession of a cocaine, a Class 4 felony; obstructing a peace officer, a Class 1 misdemeanor; willful reckless driving, a Class 3 misdemeanor; refusal to submit to a pre-test, a Class 5 misdemeanor; refusal to submit to a test, a Class W misdemeanor; and driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level over .15, a Class W misdemeanor.

A corporal with the York County Sheriff’s Department was on regular patrol on Interstate 80 when he and another deputy were notified about a reckless driver. The person who called in the situation said as he was passed by the vehicle in question, the driver rolled down his window, yelled at him and he thought the man pulled a pistol out.

According to court documents, while one of the deputies followed the suspect vehicle, it was observed that the vehicle went onto the shoulder multiple times, struck two traffic cones in a construction zone and was speeding. The driver also “flipped off the deputy at one point in time before increasing in speed through the construction zone.”

The vehicle then exited Interstate 80 and the deputies attempted a traffic stop on the off-ramp. The pickup instead made a wide turn and crossed over into the passing lane of South Lincoln Avenue. The pickup truck, according to court documents, then went east on Naomi Drive and then northbound onto a service road. It stopped at a local convenience store.

The sheriff’s deputy and corporal conducted a high-risk traffic stop with their service weapons drawn and they say in court documents the driver “was slow to respond to verbal commands. He had to be repeatedly told to keep his hands up and to back up.” The YSO officers “were unable to ascertain completely whether the driver was still armed as we could not see the front of his waistband when he was asked to lift up his shirt so we could check for weapons.”

The corporal says in the affidavit they could smell the odor of alcohol and marijuana coming from the driver, who was identified as Schaible.

Deputies said Schaible became “stiff legged and began to thrash back and forth” as they led him to a sheriff cruiser.

A probable cause search of Schaible’s vehicle was conducted. According to court documents, deputies found a .45 caliber Springfield Armory 1911 handgun which was loaded with one round in the chamber and six rounds in the magazine which was inserted into the gun. The handgun was located in the storage pouch sewn into the front passenger seat. “The handle of the handgun was facing the driver so all the driver would need to do to access the gun would be to reach backwards behind the front passenger seat,” court documents indicate.

It was noted a black cloth holster which fit the handgun was found on the front passenger seat.

They also found three marijuana pipes, a grinder and a glass jar containing marijuana residue, in the center console. They additionally found a digital scale containing cocaine, inside the center console.

They also found, according to court documents, a Schrade brand fixed blade knife in a sheath in the center console. The blade measured 3.25 inches.

In addition, they found another knife in a sheath in the storage pouch sewn into the driver’s seat with a blade measuring 9.75 inches in length.

During the search, deputies discovered an additional magazine containing six rounds of .45 caliber ammunition. A plastic box containing 50 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition was also located along with 48 rounds of .380 caliber ammunition.

In the same pouch where the handgun was located, deputies found three empty beer cans and one partially consumed can.

Deputies said Schaible refused to test. He was taken to the York County Jail where he again refused to test, according to court documents.

Deputies note in the affidavit that a Utah conceal carry permit was found in Schaible’s wallet but it had expired.

A review of his criminal history shows prior convictions in Utah for theft by receiving stolen property and reckless driving.

Eventually, as part of a plea agreement Schaible’s charges were amended to attempted possession of a controlled substance, a Class 1 misdemeanor; obstructing an officer, a Class 1 misdemeanor; willful reckless driving, a Class 3 misdemeanor; and driving under the influence, a Class W misdemeanor.

This week, in York County District Court, he was sentenced to two months in jail for attempted possession, 30 days in jail for obstructing an officer, 30 days in jail for willful reckless driving and for DUI he was sentenced to 60 days in jail, a $500 fine and a driver’s license revocation to last six months.


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