County hires local legal firm to help with foreclosure actions

YORK – The York County Commissioners have agreed to hire a local legal firm to assist with representation in tax foreclosure actions.

Deputy York County Attorney Nate Heinz explained how each year, the county treasurer comes forward with the delinquent tax list and the county has to close on those which have not been collected. At this time, there are two such properties.

“My theory is to ask the experts to get us to the finish line in this process,” Heinz said, recommending the hiring of Svehla Law Offices. “We’ve done 80% of the work. They have said they would cap the fee at $5,000. We have to finish this process.”

“First off, regarding the firm, are there any conflicts of interest, as they would now be representing the county,” asked Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier. “In the past, when we talked with other legal firms about other matters, some said they couldn’t do the work due to conflicts and I want to make sure that wouldn’t be the case here.”

“As far as I know, they don’t represent any of the individuals (who own the properties in question) and this would only pertain to this matter,” Heinz said.

He explained how hiring Svehla could help them get the legal process finished in the next month or two, then a sheriff’s sale would happen to take care of the liens and attorney fees.

“We have to do this but it is also nice we can recoup the attorney fees,” Obermier said.

“Have any conflicts come up in any conversations with them?” asked Commissioner Daniel Grotz.

“No, but if they found one, they are obligated to notify us of that fact,” Heinz responded.

“Can we make a reluctant motion?” Grotz said to Obermier. “I guess sometimes thing pop up and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. And it’s on them to let us know if they have any conflicts.”

All the commissioners voted in favor of signing off on the legal contract for outside counsel.

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