York city ordinances updated to reflect today’s world

YORK – The York city ordinances have been updated to reflect today’s world, regarding wording, technology and state law.

This comes after two years of work done by city staff members, York County Attorney Charley Campbell and the city’s ordinance committee.

This week, the York City Council approved the final product.

“This has been a 2-year process and is one thing (former York City Clerk) Jean (Thiele) said had to be done when she retired,” said Mayor Barry Redfern. “She said the code needed to be updated to make it more consistent with state law and to make it technologically accessible. The ordinance committee has been meeting on a regular basis, regarding this.”

“Well, Charley (Campbell) sure knows it front to back,” said Councilman Tony North, who sits on the ordinance committee. “A lot of work went into this.”

Campbell smiled, chuckled, and said, “I’m going to miss it,” which brought laughter from those in the room. “Yes, I know the city ordinances from front to back. I’ve spent a lot of time with this.”

This was a large task especially because the municipal code hadn’t been updated in 50 years, with the exception of when new ordinances were passed.

“Also, Sue (Administrator Crawford) and Amanda (City Clerk Ring) went through all of it, line by line and word by word. It was very tedious work. I have a lot of gratitude for them doing all that work. This now brings the city’s ordinances up to today’s standards.”

This was the first reading of an ordinance to accept the updated ordinances. The council had the ability to suspend the rules and pass the ordinance without three readings.

Councilmember Vicki Northrop said she’d heard comments regarding “as this is such an important document, do we need to not suspend the rules and have all three readings.”

North asked her why.

“Changes can always be addressed, into the future,” Redfern said.

“I see no reason to postpone this,” North said, making a motion to suspend the rules. All council members, with the exception of Northrop, voted in favor of suspending the rules.

Then the council, with the exception of Northrop, voted in favor of the municipal ordinance update.

“This is a working document that will be brought up quite often,” Redfern added.

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