Questions of the Week — Readers ask about Flanders Field volunteers, auditorium, cemetery access, rhubarb, trail extension

The following questions were asked recently by inquiring readers:


Q: Each year, someone places hundreds of white crosses and poppies in the Flanders Field area of Greenwood Cemetery for Memorial Day. It is just absolutely beautiful. My question is who does all this work? They should be commended for their efforts and maybe if people know who they are, we can get other people to help them if they need it.

A: The crosses and poppies are placed there each year, to honor fallen soldiers. They are placed each year by members of the American Legion Auxiliary and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.


Q: I attended the York High School graduation at the York City Auditorium last Sunday. I just wanted to say how proud I am of the city for making all those improvements to that amazing building. That was money well spent, it really was. It is so awesome we can continue to have our graduations and so many other events there. My question is how old is the building?

A: Construction on the building began on Aug. 21, 1940.


Q: How old is York County?

A: York County was established in 1855.


Q: Thank you for the story about Cashler Cemetery in York County (and the other story about the other cemetery in York County which is cared for by the county). My question is how do you get to Cashler Cemetery if you want to go see it?

A: We had this same question a week or so ago, and numerous times this week.

The historic cemetery can only be accessed by a minimum maintenance road, traveling south on York County Road X. There is obviously no access from Interstate 80 and it can only be done by traveling on the minimum maintenance road, which can be considered difficult to travel during different times of year, depending on the weather conditions. It really depends on whether it has rained or snowed in recent days – because it is a minimum maintenance road, travelers are reminded the endeavor is their responsibility.

The minimum maintenance portion of the road is only about a half-mile, off a regularly-maintained county road. But again, depending on the weather conditions and the fact the road is categorized as minimum maintenance, drivers should check the conditions of the path before they move forward.


Q: We had our garden plowed for the new growing season and unfortunately forgot to tell the person who plowed it up to not plow up the rhubarb. Will it come back?

A: Very likely. The same thing happened in this writer’s garden and amazingly, it is sprouting and thriving all over again. Just give it some time.


Q: Is it true Nebraska election officials do not keep election ballot images or cast vote records? If that was the case it would violate state and federal law.

A: We weren’t sure what the reader was referring to so we just sent it on to the secretary of state’s office. According to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office, “county election officials securely keep paper ballots, which are cast vote records, for 22 months as required by law. There is no such requirement to photograph and keep images of Nebraska’s paper ballots. Nebraska election officials do not create or keep ballot images.”


Q: Can chickens have bananas?

A: Many experts say bananas “can be a wonderful treat for chickens when offered in moderation. They provide essential nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and Vitamins B and B6. However, due to their high sugar content, they should not constitute a large portion of a chicken’s diet, as balance is key.”

Chickens can have banana peels as well. They pose no health risks as long as they are free from pesticides and contaminants.


Q: My neighbor always plants marigolds in her vegetable garden. Is there a purpose to it or is it just decorative?

A: Marigolds, according to experts, don’t just draw in pollinators, they also draw in insects to help in organic pest control. They can help bring in ladybugs, lacewings, hoverflies, parasitic mini-wasps and other predatory insects which will eat aphids and other pests which can damage vegetable plants.

Plus, if they are planted as a boundary, they can hide the sins of the garden if weeds get out of control. Just saying.


Q: Why won’t city officials address our questions about the Project Access path? We have been asking and they aren’t answering.

A: City officials have said the proposed route for the trail expansion project in York is still in the design phase and there is no proposed route yet.

However, a public open house has been set for May 28, during which engineers will unveil their proposed route.





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