UPDATE: Heartland School bond issue passes

YORK COUNTY – Voters in Hamilton and York Counties, in the Heartland School District, have said yes to a $6.85 million bond issue which will allow a renovation/expansion project to move forward.

In York County, 383 votes were cast in favor of the issuance of the general obligation bonds, with 232 voting against.

In Hamilton County, 60 votes were cast in favor of the issuance of the general obligation bonds, with 48 voting against.

So the bond issue has passed, with a total of 443 voting in favor and 280 voting against.

A simple majority is required for the bond issue to take place.

As explained earlier by Heartland Superintendent Jeremy Klein, “a comprehensive facilities project was initiated in late 2021 with a bond campaign to finance additions and renovations of our existing PK-12 facilities and site. Costs for completing the project, however, ultimately exceeded the financing provided by the 2022 bond campaign and statutory changes in school funding eliminated some options for funding the project’s completion.

“Seeing how the facilities project is a needs-driven endeavor, completing the comprehensive facilities project in its entirety remains a goal for the board of education,” he said further. “
To finance the completion of the comprehensive facilities project, the board held the election seeking voter approval for the issuance of bonds as a means for security the funds necessary for completing the project.”

Rather than having a special election in the matter, the school board opted for including it with the Primary Election ballot.

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