York Fire, York PD respond to collision; one injured, dog soothed

YORK — One person was injured in a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Second Street, at approximately 3:15 p.m., Tuesday, May 14.

One driver sustained what appeared to be minor injuries and was taken by ambulance to be checked out at the hospital.

No one else appeared to be injured.

However, it was one of those occurrences when the role of first responders was beyond taking care of the scene and the people involved.

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There was a very scared dog inside one of the pickups which was struck. This was the pickup in which the driver needed to be evaluated upon what appeared to have been neck injuries.

One firefighter held the shaken-up dog, until someone close to the animal could come retrieve it from the scene. With a calming voice and demeanor, the firefighter helped steady the dog, despite the sound of sirens and the chaos of backed-up traffic.

While the area was being cleaned up, a bystander at the scene said the attention the firefighters gave to the dog, as well as the people, “warmed my heart and I have an even broader appreciation for what they do.”

The dog was safely returned to its family, with the retrieving member saying they were extremely grateful.

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