Vandals do substantial amount of damage to park restrooms in York, force closure of facilities

YORK – Restrooms in two city parks in York have been closed after vandals did so much damage they cannot be used at this time.

York Parks and Recreation Director Cheree Folts said the damage was done at the restroom at Harrison Park and at the restroom at the Beaver Creek field area.

At the Beaver Creek field restroom, someone started a fire inside the men’s restroom.

“We have no idea how the building didn’t burn down,” Folts said.

At Harrison Park, someone broke off the sink plumbing and inverted the restroom stall doors.

“We normally open the park restrooms the week of April 15,” Folts said. “It seems like each year, the park restrooms are vandalized, but this is the first physical fire which has created so much damage.”

Because of the frequency of vandalism each year, a “normal” amount of vandalism can be quantified, she said, which “normally” includes breaking the restroom stalls, kicking in doors, taking the toilet paper and clogging toilets and sinks.

But this time around, it’s something else and far beyond an unfortunate normal.

“These park restrooms are a necessary amenity for our park patrons,” Folts said. “Many community members, visitors and families visit our beautiful parks and need a place to change a diaper, wash hands or go to the bathroom. Vandalizing parks and restrooms do more harm than one initially thinks. It prevents others from having a positive experience in our city parks.”

She said the damage at the Beaver Creek restroom “will cost the park department a couple of thousand dollars to repair and the park restroom will be closed for the foreseeable future.”

Both restrooms have been closed to the public, at this point, with no other choice by city officials as they can simply not be used – despite the number of public events which will be held in these parks at this time of year.

“We encourage the public to keep the restrooms clean and safe for all users,” Folts said. “Please report all vandalism to the York Police Department and let the York Parks and Recreation department know as well.”

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