County bridge work will start soon, expected completion of all three before harvest

YORK COUNTY – York County continues on its quest to replace old bridges throughout the county, tackling at least three a year, in order to stay on track with making sure all in good standing at all times.

This year, three bridges will be replaced, as been the annual practice for some time.

The work is funded through ongoing bonding.

This week, York County Highway Superintendent Harvey Keim said work will be starting on a bridge on Road 22, in about two weeks.

When that bridge is completed, work crews will move to Road 18 to do a bridge there.

And then another bridge will be completed on Road 22.

“Each bridge will take about a month to complete,” Keim said. “Hopefully all work will be done and all will be open by harvest. The work on Road 22 will stink a little bit, because of a little longer of a detour, but that’s just the nature of the beast.”

In other road-related situations regarding the county, addressed this week by the York County Commissioners, gravel bids were opened, as is done each spring. Three companies submitted bids with another submitting a bid just for sand. The commissioners accepted all of them, as is historically done, as each company stipulates they will provide gravel “when available.”

“By accepting all bids, we have options and choices and places to go as we need it,” Keim said.

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