“I am happy to debate him”

President Biden, appearing on the Howard Stern Show, when asked if he would debate Donald Trump, said, “I am. I don’t know when. I am happy to debate him.”

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) knows when, as they have already scheduled three of them: September 16 in San Marcos, Texas; October 1, in Petersburg, Virginia; and October 9 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The first question is, “Do we need a presidential debate at all?” The answer is “Absolutely we do!” What candidate wouldn’t leap at chance to debate their opponent before a nationwide audience?

Need another reason? Pew Research released poll numbers on April 24, indicating that nearly half (49%) of the people would still like to replace both Biden and Trump on the 2024 ballot. That poll result alone should tell us we need a debate, if half the voters still need convincing one of these two men should be our next president, and it doesn’t paint a very good picture for either major party for giving us two candidates half the people don’t want.

We all know this is going to be a close race, so the more we know about the candidates specific intentions the better prepared we will be come election day. Some will say we know enough about these two guys, and I say we don’t know nearly enough about these two guys.

Others will say debates have little influence on election results. The first modern presidential debate was in 1960 between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Nixon, a well-known vice president for eight years, and a not so well known young senator from Massachusetts. That first debate was a pivotal and flipped the momentum to Kennedy.

Some say Trump will be a bully, or Biden can’t perform without his note cards. I say, these two men are “applying” for one of the most important jobs in the world and we deserve to see the “interview.”

Past debates get all caught up in the minutia instead of the magnitude, and in this political climate, we need magnitude. Trump and Biden have a lot of selling to do before Americans are willing to buy.

But first, to the Commission on Presidential Debates, for crying out loud; give these candidates more than two minutes to answer a question. We are talking about major policy decisions here, not going through a fast food drive-in in for some fries! Give the candidates adequate time to answer in detail… and shut the other candidate’s microphone off while the first one answers the question. I want to see a debate, not a circus.

I want to know if they intend to balance the budget, and if they do, will it be with higher taxes or less spending or a combination of both. I would say, “Be specific gentlemen.”

What is their plan is to ensure Social Security and Medicare will remain solvent for generations to come. They are going to be insolvent soon. “What’s your exact plan to shore this up? Be specific!”

What is their plan is for immigration reform, and when it will be introduced, and how and when will they get it passed through Congress, and when you expect to sign it. “Specifics gentlemen, please, give us the specifics.”

I think we need a more consistent abortion solution than allowing all fifty states to decide individually. If elected president, what exactly would they do, and what if anything can a president legally do about abortion? “Again, specifics gentlemen.”

What is our current national energy policy? All I see are corporate tax breaks, tax deductions, tax exemptions, rebates, loans and subsidies. But, what is our national energy policy? This is critical issue and we need specific answers.

We just borrowed $95 billion for a foreign aid package to help Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Be specific, and give me the year that we can expect to have that paid off, because we, the taxpayers will now be paying billions of interest on that loan every year until its paid off.

How they are going to unite us as a country, instead of dividing us into political subdivisions. What will they do different from what they did in their first terms because it didn’t work. Be specific!

We could go on all day with questions we would like to ask Biden and Trump, and they owe it to the people to be open, and honest, while giving us specific details of their next four years, along with their vision for America for the next forty years.

What do you think the odds are these two will actually debate, and will Robert Kennedy Junior be able to debate alongside Trump and Biden, or will the two parties do what they always do and shut down outside competition? Let me know what you think of a 2024 presidential debate at gregawtry@awtry.com

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