York man accused of assaults, terroristic threats and obstructing officers

YORK – Arraignment proceedings were held this week for Sylvan Labuff, Jr., 36, of York, who is accused of terroristic threats, two counts of assault and obstructing law enforcement officers.

The cases bound over to York County District Court include a Class 3A felony and three Class 1 misdemeanors.

According to the affidavit filed by a York County Sheriff’s deputy, officers were dispatched to an apartment building in York on the report of a disturbance in which Labuff was allegedly “going psycho and was willing to kill everybody and himself.”

Responding were YSO deputies and officers with the York Police Department.

The affidavit says officers “could immediately hear yelling and screaming coming from the second floor. All of us quickly went up the stairs to the second floor and to the apartment where the screaming was coming from.”

Court documents say Labuff answered the door and when officers asked him what was happening, he responded, “F*** you” and closed the door. Officers then heard a commotion occur within the apartment and they could hear “yelling and what sounded like a physical altercation.”

Officers said they were about to kick the door in when a minor opened the door and officers escorted the boy away. They entered the apartment and found Labuff “laying on the kitchen floor.” Another person inside said Labuff was “drunk and was trying to fight everyone inside the apartment.”

It is alleged Labuff approached a deputy “and made a gang-related hand gesture stating, ‘You guys are done bro, done.’” They say he was smiling and laughing, then pointed his finger at officers saying, “Cartel, I’ll have them chop your head off baby.”

At that point, it is alleged Labuff attempted to push a door shut, but officers were able to take him down. It is alleged he would not comply, as he struggled against officers and had to be tased. He was eventually taken into custody and transported to the York County Jail.

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