York County Commissioners move forward with Davis Design contract for garage expansion

YORK – The York County Commissioners have agreed to move forward with a contract with Davis Design to create a project plan for the garage expansion project at the York County Courthouse.

The project will entail extending the south side of the courthouse, where the garage is located. The garage area is used for storage and being an enclosed area for receiving and sending jail inmates.

Last year, the commissioners and Cal Friesen, maintenance director at the courthouse, discussed the project, as an overhang area of the courthouse would allow for ease when extending the building portion.

The county went out to contractors, asking for their estimates on doing the work, but found most wanted exact specs created by an architect before making a bid.

“This agreement, with Davis Design, would be just to come up with the official plans,” explained Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier. “This agreement will be for them to come up with the plans and then another piece would be squaring off a piece of the basement for changes of use. We would start with their hourly rate, pay as we go, so at least we can get some plans drawn. We could then take bids. And, as we discussed earlier, we will be using ARPA (federal COVID-relief funds) to pay for this. There would be no taxpayer dollars involved.”

Commissioner LeRoy Ott asked how much is currently in the county’s ARPA fund. Obermier said there is currently $1.6 million remaining. The county started with just a little over $2 million.

Obermier acknowledged the Davis Design company came to mind when assigning the project, because an individual who worked closely with the design of the county’s emergency communications center now works for Davis “and he is well aware of our facility, this courthouse. This is a special service so we will not need to take bids. ARPA funds will also be used to pay for the design phase. Using ARPA funds instead of tax dollars certainly seems wise for this project. And we definitely need more room.”

“The fee for doing the design won’t be terribly high, it looks like,” said Commissioner Daniel Grotz.

“The design will come in under $10,000 and again, ARPA will be used for that,” Obermier said.

“Well, if contractors won’t bid without these designs, we need to do it,” Ott said.

The commissioners voted in favor of moving forward with a contract with Davis Design.


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