County to secure mowing services for abandoned cemeteries and aging services property

YORK COUNTY – The York County Commissioners will soon be securing mowing services for the two abandoned cemeteries in the county as well as for the property along North Division Avenue where the aging services hub is located.

“It’s that time of year again when we talk about cemetery mowing for the two abandoned cemeteries,” York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier said during the most recent meeting of the county board.

Each spring, the commissioners contract individuals to mow a small, abandoned pioneer cemetery in the middle of a cornfield in the northwest area of the county, as well as another near the Seward County line which is just off Interstate 80.

These cemeteries were declared to be abandoned as neither has a church or other group/district associated with their care and maintenance. When that happens, these types of historic cemeteries become the responsibility of the county.

The county is tasked with making sure these cemeteries are mowed and cleaned up at least twice a year – before Memorial Day and before Labor Day.

Obermier indicated how the man who has been caring for the cemetery in the cornfield had agreed to do the work again this year. And the board said they would be reaching out to the people who cared for the Cashler Cemetery near the county line, to see if they wanted to continue their mowing/maintenance services as well.

The state calls for a certain amount to be spent by counties each year for this work to be done.

“And it has been brought to my attention we also need to look for someone to mow the property where Aging Services is located,” Obermier said. “I’m bringing this up now and then in two weeks, we can move forward.”


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