The toss boxes typically fill up in four to five days. Once filled, FBLA representatives collect the clothing and relocate it to the Levitt House of Business on campus. The clothes are then transported to People’s City Mission in Lincoln by FBLA sponsor Giovanni Froldi. This is where items are sorted and distributed to those in need.

“We have to stay on top of this,” said Olivia Hansen, an FBLA representative who is part of the process this year, “because nine times out of ten, the boxes are almost full to the top, if not overflowing.”

“It’s a giant recycling process,” added Provost Shannon Leinen, former FBLA sponsor. “People want to give items to people that need it and this provides that outlet. Since the boxes are full, sometimes multiple times a week, it is clear that there is a need for these boxes in our community.”

The York University FBLA chapter also sorts through discarded items from a local thrift shop. These range from children’s toys and books to household items and decor. They sort through the materials and decide what is waste and what can be redistributed to be loved by the hands of another person.

These efforts by the FBLA representatives are entirely voluntary. The chapter has been working with People’s City Mission since 2022. This year, students Parker Hughes, Landen Baum and Olivia Hansen have been the driving force of the project. These students presented this community service project at the Nebraska State FBLA Competition and earned second place, qualifying them for the FBLA National Leadership Conference.

“This experience has given us the amazing opportunity to use our own hands to play a part in supporting the goal of People’s City Mission to help those in need,” said Hansen.