Marcia, Marcia, Marcia — I’ve got your back

It’s been a couple of weeks. And when I say that I mean … it’s really been a couple of weeks! Lots scheduled and not much accomplished, thanks to my back.

Under these circumstances it would be easy to despair. However, I’m not feeling sorry for myself for I know I am not alone. And how do I know this, you might ask. Well, I haven’t always known it. I may have suspected. I might have had inkling. But thanks to Sue and Nancy, now I’m sure.

You see, last Friday I drove in to Lincoln for a once a month lunch with friends. It was one of the first times I had been out and about for a while, other than my commute down the hill to work Monday through Thursday. (Yes, I am still working, half-time, four days a week at the CASA for York County office in the courthouse.) For way too long, the sciatic nerve in my right leg had been giving me fits. So much so that it took better than an hour to get the pain under control each morning in order to function. And when I say function I’m referring to the most basic tasks: leg in pants, foot in shoe, toothbrush in mouth, comb in hair, keys in hand.

Even my exercises couldn’t ward off this bout! But I was determined to keep my date. After all, it had been my turn to pick the spot and I had chosen Mo Java, a coffee shop with great flatbread pizzas and yummy toasted bagel sandwiches over in University Place.

The first to arrive, I congratulated myself, chose a table and sat down by the window. The sun was shining in and the words “COFFEE ~ MO JAVA CAFÉ ~ ESPRESSO ~ SANDWICHES” were shadows of themselves on nearby flat surfaces … only backwards! Pretty cool. It reminded me of Golden Gate Express here in York … its reflection spelled out, “HCNUL TEFFUB” on sunshiny days.

Anyway, I picked up a menu, checked my phone and watched for Sue and Nancy. Pretty soon, here they came. Neither one could have been accused of speeding by any means. Each moved slowly and more deliberately than usual. We greeted each other, made our choices from the menu and had to get up and walk to the counter to place our slow and deliberate orders because, can you believe it, and their backs were out of whack too.

Yep, it was clear to see our conversation this day would revolve around how our backs had devolved. None of us had the same problem, but the L5 and L4 were mentioned; as was the medical possibility of a root canal of the sciatic nerve.

The food was good, the conversation lively and the laughter won out! By the end of our time together we had decided no matter what was to come, we had each other’s backs and that was as it should be. Yes, it had been a real couple of weeks … and it was amazing how it all melted away in a couple of hours spent with friends.

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