A Paws For Pets — Nolan hit the lottery

By LaMoine Roth, York Adopt A Pet

If you read the last article about Lucy who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Easter Sunday, you will remember her mom was Kelly. This is the same Kelly whose mother flew from California to York to adopt Nolan in July of 2011. I am happy to share how Nolan is still the most adorable polydactyl cat and is doing great at the age of 13 years. His mom is a gifted rug weaver and she has an enormous loom. It took some innovations to accommodate having a 20-plus polydactyl toed cat playing with the streams of yarn. But it all worked out with the innovations as shown in the photos. You can see how the loom was just too interesting to not play with the yarn.

Nolan has had his share of lucky breaks. The first was when I received a call asking if I could take a kitten. The callers said they had recently gotten a kitten and just as suddenly decided they no longer wanted the kitten. I told them I would take the kitten, gave them my address and they said they would be right up. After a lengthy time they failed to show up. I called them back and they said they couldn’t find my house so they took the kitten back to where they had gotten it. I had bad vibes and asked if they could give me a phone number so I could call that person — but they said they didn’t have a phone number, weren’t sure of the names but they did give me an address.

I decided to follow up, drove to the address and knocked at the door. I was surprised they could hear my knock, as the music inside was very loud. The door was opened by a young man with a very, very big barking dog, which he was struggling to hold back by the collar.

I asked if the dog bites and the man said, “not usually.” Well that was not good.

I asked asked if someone had brought a kitten to him and he said yes.

Then I asked, “Can I have him?”

He immediately said yes, but then added, “He is really spooky.”

I was thinking, “Are you kidding me?”

And I was spooked by the screaming music, the barking dog . . . and I hadn’t even been there a full minute.

He returned with a kitten, with all claws out, clinging to his shirt. We managed to get the kitten from his shirt and I immediately put it in a kennel. I thanked him and walked hurriedly to my car.

That was the kitten’s first lucky break.

When I got to York Adopt A Pet and was able to look the kitten over, I saw he was a male and also a polydactyl. He had the most beautiful, big saucer-like eyes. He was so scared he was trembling. I settled him into a kennel and I swear he seemed to give a sigh of relief. It only took him a day to get his bearings and his true personality came out. He not only has a polydactyl (mitten paw) on both front paws but his back paws are also polydactyl, so they are twice the size of normal paws and his back feet actually resemble more of a rabbit’s foot than a cat’s.

He was adopted by a couple from Eureka, California. Their daughter, Kelly, volunteers at the reception desk at York Adopt A Pet. Kelly’s comment to her mother was “you should see this kitten we have at York Adopt A Pet” — which resulted in Nancy flying to Nebraska and taking Nolan to their home in Eureka.

We recently received a letter from Nolan:

On March 22, 2011 my life changed a lot! My new mom and I flew out of Omaha after a night spent in a motel close to Eppley Airfield. We started our journey by going through security and I had to be checked which was fine as I was wearing my new harness. I was given my favorite snake toy from Adopt A Pet and I kept it with me in my carrier. I was on four different airplanes that day. I stayed awake the whole time, I was just too curious to sleep. Between planes I saw Omaha, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and finally Eureka. At every juncture, I got lots of admiring looks and compliments. Once we got to Eureka, my new dad, Jeff, was there to meet us. I was finally at my new home. There was a lot to explore right away and I learned where the litter box is kept. I learned where the food and water dishes are. Those are very important. I slept with my new mom and dad on my first night. I have lots of toys and I get lots of lap and cuddling time. This new place is all right! I’ll get my humans trained in short order.

Thanks for all the good care at YAAP. I do miss Mojo and Stewie. I suspect they had a party when I left. Greetings to all the volunteers and staff. Thanks to you I have a new forever home, but I will never forget you.  Love, Nolan

And Nolan, we will never forget you.

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