How can this be possible?

This week, we were all horrified by the report a sweet, little, long-haired dog was taken from his yard and some would-be serial killer abused him in such a horrifying way that he or she duct-taped that baby’s head and feet together and threw him in a dumpster in Lincoln.

Oh my God, I think it is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

Don’t attack me – I realize we see horrible scenes from all over the world as war wages and people die and terrible things happen. Murder occurs every day, people treat each other horrible. Awful, horrific things happen. I’m very aware.

But forgive me because I’m still grieving the loss of my beloved little Rico and I would give everything I have to have him back in my life. I would literally give up everything if I could save him and bring him back. But I can’t. It’s been a couple of months and I still long to hold him, kiss him, stroke his soft fur and talk our own little language. I have mourned him way longer than I even imagined is possible. I’ve called our loss “astonishing” as far as how bad we feel, because believe me, I’ve been through a lot of situations most would term as being “a lot worse.” That’s neither here or there – God gave me that little furry soul for which I will be eternally grateful. And He took him away and for that, I still cry.

There are so many people – including that dog’s owners – who unconditionally love their little fur babies. Not to mention all the people who work tirelessly to save abandoned animals, to find them homes, to find them love. Oh my God, the effort that is expended to bring thrown-away animals their forever homes – it’s incredible and commendable. When it happens, when people find their little nuggets of love, the animals become part of their families. That happened with these people who owned that sweet dog — they love him, they adore him and likewise. I can’t imagine their fear or his, as well. It’s so cruel.

To see what someone did to that sweet little animal is just unthinkable and terrifying. If someone is willing to do this to a little, innocent, unassuming dog, I’m pretty sure they are on a course of doing terrible things to people as well and God knows what else.

What on earth would someone be thinking? What in the world would be the point? What sort of satanic thought would be involved in this situation? What did this little dog endure, besides the obvious, before thankfully being found in that dumpster?

I like to believe that most people are good – but situations like this prove there are really, really bad people out there who do unspeakable things the rest of us can’t begin to understand.

I didn’t even want to use those photos, because I can barely look at them – but I think they need to be pushed out there because awareness is key. If anyone knows anything about what happened to this little dog — who is responsible — they really need to come forward with their information. Scientific findings suggest people who are capable of doing something like this are likely to do more and even worse.

I thank God this little dog wagged his tail after special caregivers released him from his situation. I thank God his family has him back. He is actually OK despite a situation he will never be able to tell us about. That’s why community involvement is important. Let’s find out who is responsible.

We animal lovers are a force – we are. So many people work to find homes for animals in need; we welcome God-given spirits wrapped in fur into our homes; we find ourselves finding incredible special love in ways we never imagined despite pee and barking and walking in below-zero temperatures and poop and the glory of never-ending sleep deprivation.

If you read this and you care, please push this out, push out all the notifications from law enforcement . . . let’s find out who did this before it happens again.

Again, I ask, how is this possible?






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