Man accused of driving during revocation while having large amount of methamphetamine gets probation   

YORK – Matthew Rivera, 42, of Lincoln, who was caught with a large amount of methamphetamine while driving on a revoke license in York County has been given probation.

His sentencing was held this week in York County District Court.

He earlier pleaded guilty to attempt of a Class 2A felony, which is a Class 3A felony, and possession of a controlled substance, a Class 4 felony.

The case began when Rivera was stopped by a deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Department for traffic violations and according to court documents filed by the deputy, he was acting so nervous during the stop he was shaking. He also told the deputy he didn’t have an insurance card or a valid driver’s license as it had been suspended.

It was noted he has a narcotic-related history, although he denied any drug-related history.

It was also found he had several convictions for driving under revocation and he was arrested.

During a search of the vehicle, deputies found methamphetamine in several locations. The total weight of methamphetamine was 15.81 grams, which is a substantial amount.

A search of his history showed his driver’s license is revoked until 2030 “for being involved in a motor vehicle homicide dating back to 2007.”

Regarding the vehicle, it was determined there was a different registered owner, other than Rivera.

He was sentenced to three years of traditional probation. He was also sentenced to three stints in jail, in the future, in increments totaling 87 days, which can be waived by the court if he is found to be in compliance with the terms of his probation.


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