Blackburn Avenue reconstruction project now underway

YORK – Work has started regarding the major Blackburn Avenue reconstruction project.

Over the course of the project, there will be approximately 6-week closure timeframes for construction phases, according to York Public Works Director James Paul.

During the construction, the affected area will be completely closed to traffic and residents have to utilize alternative parking along side streets outside the construction areas.

Mailboxes for residents on Blackburn Avenue between Third and Sixth Streets have been relocated to the southwest corner of Sixth Street, southwest and southeast corners of Fourth Street.

Trash receptacles are asked to be placed in the alleyways for residents on the west side of the stretch of street from Third to Sixth Street. Residents on the east side of are asked to put their trash receptacles on the side streets.

Scheduled work hours and dates of construction are subject to change, city officials say, and working hours may be outside normal hours of day, due to weather conditions.

Grass seeding and sprinkler relocation will take place after concrete is placed for the street, at no cost. If sprinkler heads can be marked, city officials said that would “be great and repairs will be made.” Sidewalks and driveway approaches which are removed will also be replaced at no cost.

Sixth Street will remain open during construction.

“After removal of the bricks, I will be letting the residents within the construction area know where the bricks will be located, if any of them are interested in keeping some of the bricks,” Paul noted.


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