Questions of the Week – Readers ask about trail project, solar regulations, cocaine, street projects

The following questions were asked recently by inquiring readers:


Q: When will the trail extension project even begin in York? Isn’t this project far out, as far as the timeline?

A: Yes, the construction of the project isn’t anticipated to begin until the spring of 2027 and the construction phase itself will take considerable time.


Q: If someone has a little piece of property that will be used for the trail extension program in York, will they be paid for that?

A: According to information from the City of York, “property rights in the form of permanent right-of way, permanent easements or temporary easements would be required from portions of properties to construct and maintain the trail. Any property rights that are required will be negotiated directly with the property owner. The property owner will be compensated for the use or acquisition of property rights. In past similar projects, other accommodations, like fences have commonly been a part of the negotiation as well.”


Q: When and where will the public hearing be held regarding the county’s zoning regulations for solar projects?

A: The date, time and place has not yet been announced. In earlier meetings, it was expressed how a larger venue will be utilized for this public hearing, as a large attendance is expected.


Q: I saw the other day how troopers confiscated 20 pounds of cocaine during a traffic stop by Waco. What does that translate to in dollars, as far as the street value of that much cocaine?

A: According to information regarding similar seizures and street value estimates, it would be worth $600,000 to $900,000, depending on the market in which it is sold and its determined quality.


Q: How do I see the most recently updated zoning regulations the county commissioners are considering for solar projects?

A: Go to

The most recently updated regulations are there, located on the home page of the York County website.


Q: In the last few construction seasons, we have seen so many projects in York, which resulted in many upgraded streets in town. What projects are we going to see in 2024?

A: These are outlined in the city’s one-year street program.

The one-year program, as presented by York Public Works Director James Paul, includes the following projects:

  • South 50th Street from Lincoln Avenue to the west, reconstruction with surface converting from asphalt to concrete, with an estimated cost of $209,000
  • Blackburn Avenue, Third Street to Ninth Street, reconstruction with surface converting from asphalt and brick to concrete, with a value just under $700,000
  • ADA ramps associated with rehabilitation and reconstruction with a value of $180,221
  • Eighth Street, from Grant to Nebraska, reconstruction with surface converting from brick to concrete, with a value of $150,000


Q: How many individual agricultural producers are there in York County?

A: According to the most recent agricultural census available, from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), there are 842 individual ag producers in York County. Of those, 100 are 35 years old and younger; 515 are between the ages of 35 and 64; and 227 are 65 years old and older.


Q: This is the strangest question ever and I apologize. But I was watching “The Bachelor” finale this week (sorry, I have to admit that). Anyway, the finale was shot in Tulum, Mexico. And they kept showing shots of wild monkeys living in the trees. I have been to Tulum and don’t ever, ever remember seeing any wild monkeys living in the trees or running on the streets or anything like that. Were those monkeys planted for visual effect or what? Or do monkeys actually live wild in Tulum, Mexico and I just have never seen them? I told you this was to be the strangest question ever.

A: It appears the finale of this television show was shot near or on a wildlife preserve area where monkeys live in a natural habitat. Also, apparently, howler and spider monkeys live wild in the jungle there as well, but they are deep in the jungle. So it would be assumed the monkeys you saw on television were present because of the nature preserve aspect of that particular area of Mexico.


Q: Why is York County named York County?

A: Sources differ on the origin of this county’s name. Some say this county was named after York, England. Others say it was named by early settlers from York County, Pennsylvania.


Q: When the weather was warmer the other day, I saw someone driving a four-wheeler in Harrison Park. Isn’t that illegal?

A: Yes, it is illegal. Section 25-1 of the city’s municipal code says it is unlawful “for any person to operate a snowmobile, motorbike, all-terrain vehicle or any type of motor-driven vehicle within the limits of any city park.”


Q: How old is Kate Middleton?

A: Kate, Princess of Wales, is 42 years old.


Q: How is the date of Easter determined each year?

A: Numerous sources say the simple standard definition of Easter is that it is the first Sunday after the full moon which occurs on or after the spring equinox. If the full moon falls on a Sunday, then Easter is the next Sunday.


Q: Did Jill Biden write a kids’ book about her cat? I heard someone talk about it this morning on television and wondered if I heard it right. Something about how it was a stray cat seen at a presidential event and they took it in?

A: Apparently that is the case.

The Associated Press says Jill Biden has written a children’s book about her White House cat, Willow, which will be published in June.

Her publisher told the AP how “Willow The White House Cat” tells the story of how the cat arrived at her new home from a farm in Pennsylvania. The cat jumped on stage when Joe Biden was speaking at the farm during the 2020 presidential campaign. The cat was taken in and Mrs. Biden says the children’s book will offer a “cat’s-eye view” of what happens at the White House.

The 4-year-old cat is the only Biden pet still living at the White House. They have had three German Shepherd dogs — Champ died in 2021. Major and later Commander were sent elsewhere after “exhibiting aggressive behavior, including biting Secret Service personnel and members of the White House staff.”

It was also noted the book was co-written with author Alyssa Satin Capucilli and was illustrated by artist Kate Berube.





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