County surveyor contracts accepted

YORK – Rex Heiden is the York County Surveyor, but due to current medical issues, bids were taken this past week from three companies to fulfill physical duties during his recovery.

At this time, Heiden told the county commissioners he is unable to do some of the physical work, such as operating a back-hoe and locating corners, but he is still able to do all the research.

The county surveyor helps locate intersection corners and other landmarks for construction work, to establish county right-of-way, as well as research historic information about the same.

This week, the York County Commissioners took three bids from companies which can help with the workload. They accepted all of the bids, because they will be available at different times and in different capacities as the needs arise.

Heiden said all the submissions were good and all companies will be able to do the work while he is recuperating.

“I think it’s important to take all three bids, so if one isn’t available to do the work, it will be fine,” said Commissioner Daniel Grotz.

“I will still do all the research for them,” Heiden said, who is an elected official. “And I will return all the money for time I haven’t worked.”

The county commissioners reassured him his wages/salaries will remain in place, because he is an elected official.

“I will still do as much as I possibly can,” Heiden said.


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