York County hosts NACO Central Conference

YORK — York County officials hosted the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO) Central Conference today, Thursday, March 21, at the Holthus Convention Center in York.

While NACO held the conference for county officials in this area of the state, local county officials helped play host to many visitors as they received valuable information about their roles during the conference.

The NACO Central Conference includes York, Adams, Buffalo, Clay, Custer, Dawson, Franklin, Garfield, Greeley, Hall, Hamilton, Harlan, Howard, Kearney, Loup, Merrick, Nuckolls, Phelps, Polk, Sherman, Valley, Webster and Wheeler Counties.

The American Legion Bolton Post 19 of York County made the presentation of colors at the beginning of the conference.

A series of break-out sessions were held for the different official sectors.

Assessors had a session with Sarah Scott, property tax administrator for the state, and heard NACO updates from Jon Cannon.

Clerks of the District Court were able to hear about juror qualification form changes; jury pool representation; the Sixth Amendment; retention schedules and legislative updates.

County clerks received election updates from Wayne Bena; auditor updates from Jeff Schreier from the State Auditor’s office.

County board members heard NACO updates from Cannon; had an informational session about growth in the livestock industry; how UNL extension has a partnership with counties; and a round table discussion was held.

Highway superintendents learned about project updates from the Nebraska Department of Transportation, as well as hearing legislative updates from Cannon.

An entire round table discussion was held regarding planning and zoning.

A round table discussion was also held for county sheriffs.

Treasurers met with Schreier from the state auditor’s office; received DMV updates from Betty Johnson; and received MIPS updates.

A round table discussion was held for veterans services offices.

Weed superintendents discussed legislative issues, information about weed watch lists and the upcoming growing session.

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