U.S Senator Deb Fischer secures funding of $1.5 million for study into future wastewater needs for City of York

 YORK – York City Administrator Dr. Sue Crawford says the U.S. Senate has approved a funding package that focuses on funding the departments of Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs, Justice, Commerce, and Energy through this fall. The bill included Nebraska priorities which Senator Deb Fischer championed, including a $1.5 million study of future wastewater needs for the City of York.

“Senator Fischer’s office provides an application process that allows cities and other entities to propose possible Appropriation Committee priorities,” Dr. Crawford said. “The City of York submitted a request for assistance with wastewater engineering due to the increasingly high wastewater demands that the city continues to see in requests for information from industries that are considering York as a possible location. The wastewater treatment plant in York is relatively new, so it is possible that improvements to meet higher levels of demand could be done more efficiently in York than in cities with older plants. The funds from the 2024 Appropriation bill will allow the city to determine what would be required to meet higher industrial loads.”

Lisa Hurley, executive director of the York County Development Corporation, who reviews industry proposals and prepares York County responses to requests, confirms the increase in wastewater capacity requests for industry location proposals. “I am very excited that Senator Fischer is working with us to see how we can continue to grow the region. We are seeing unprecedented load requests on all utilities. Some of the projects would have needed an additional quarter or more of our total wastewater capacity. Without analyzing potential solutions, we cannot look at these potential projects”.

James Paul, York’s public works director, notes how the current wastewater plant performs well and has plenty of capacity for residential and commercial growth. However, he also confirms he sees industry requests that exceed current capacity.

“We are pleased that Senator Fischer championed our request to study what it would take to build capacity for heavier industrial loads,” said Mayor Barry Redfern. “We recently expanded our industrial park to help us recruit more industrial economic development. It’s important that we plan carefully for growth so that know the kinds of industries that are a good fit for our community.”

“The investments we make today will ensure that Nebraska is well positioned to seize the opportunities ahead. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I will continue to push for the critical, high-impact investments that will support families and business across our state,” said Senator Fischer.



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