York woman changes plea in case of passing counterfeit money, false reporting and possession

YORK – Reta Roberts, 50, of York, was initially charged with three crimes related to passing counterfeit money and possessing drugs. This past week, the charges were amended to two and she pleaded no contest.

The case began when a local business reported they had received two separate counterfeit $100 bills in a 2-week period. The matter was reported to the York Police Department and the counterfeit money was given to the investigating officers as well as video surveillance footage showing the transaction. The footage showed a vehicle come through the drive-through and the driver, who paid with the counterfeit money, was identified as Roberts which officers knew from “multiple prior contacts” according to court documents.

Officers went to Roberts’ residence, where they interacted with Roberts and a person named Angela Grady.

According to court documents, Roberts told the officers she “had no idea the bill was counterfeit and she had acquired it, as well as one other $100 bill, from selling a bicycle online to a man from Fremont. She claimed she must have deleted his name and their messages. She was caught in several lies regarding the information she was providing. Reta continued to be dishonest about where she had acquired the bills,” the officers said in the affidavit. They noted Grady appeared to be nervous and exited the house.

“During this conversation, I asked Reta for consent to search her purse for any additional counterfeit bills. She adamantly denied any knowledge of counterfeit cash, stating she had only received two $100 bills from the unknown man in Fremont,” the affidavit says further. “Reta allowed me to look into her purse but not touch it. She continuously attempted to conceal a portion of the inside of the purse, preventing us from seeing that area. After a short time looking into the purse, she removed some items and attempted to conceal them in her hand. At that time, we were able to see multiple counterfeit bills in her hand. When they were pointed out to her, she finally handed them over.”

Officers said they found two additional counterfeit $100 bills matching the bill recovered from the business. “She continued to be untruthful, now telling us she had also sold bicycle accessories to the unknown man from Fremont. At that time, we asked if there were any more counterfeit bills in her home we should know about. She was insistent there were none and she had no idea the bills were counterfeit.”

She acknowledged there was a methamphetamine pipe in a nearby bag, which they found. The pipe contained “a significant amount of unused methamphetamine. They also found a small amount of marijuana, a digital scale and paraphernalia in a nearby container, according to court documents.

When officers advised her she was going to be arrested, “she became very upset and informed us she would be telling the truth about the counterfeit currency. She now reported she had been getting counterfeit cash from Grady. She said she didn’t know where Grady was getting it but that she had a lot more of it.”

She was charged with possession of a controlled substance, a Class 4 felony; first degree forgery, a Class 3 felony; and false reporting, a Class 1 misdemeanor. As part of a plea agreement, the charges were amended to attempt of a Class 4 felony, a Class 1 misdemeanor, and Class 4 felony forgery.

Sentencing was set for May 21.



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