Power outage experienced in northwest York Thursday morning

YORK — There was a power outage experienced in northwest York Thursday morning, with officials saying work is underway to get all power restored.

Grant Otten with the Nebraska Public Power District said shortly before 10 a.m., “The outage impacted approximately 222 customers on the northwestern side of town. The outage started at approximately 7:18 a.m. The cause of the outage was an issue with a piece of equipment inside the substation which serves the impacted customers.”

As of 10:25 a.m., JMWNews.com received information from various people in that area who said they are still without power and some said their power was just starting to be restored.

At 10:43 a.m., Otten provided an update, with additional information, confirming that yes, there are still customers without power which NPPD is working to restore. As of 10:45 a.m., Otten said 214 customers are still offline.


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