The Deliciously Dirty Pages — From the Lutheran Ladies

This is the latest installment of the feature on to showcase old, tried and true, family favorite recipes handed down through the generations. And where are they found? On the dirtiest, most stained pages of beloved old cookbooks.

These aren’t The White Pages. They aren’t the Yellow Pages. They are the Deliciously Dirty Pages, where good cooking and memories of great cooks are forever preserved.

This writer has a collection of old cookbooks, ranging in age from 40 to 70 years old, which were used by her mother. She kept the cookbooks and has beautiful memories of making those favored recipes, as well as spilling ingredients on the pages.

The theory is the dirtier the page, the better the recipe.

Each Wednesday, JustMelanieW is featuring these culinary wonders, sure to still please because they have been made many times with great success – again, identified by being on the dirtiest pages of these archival hard copy treasures.

We would also love to share your family favorite recipes from your own Deliciously Dirty Pages. Just send them to And if you want to share pictures of the end product, or your family making it, or a picture of the dirty cookbook pages where the recipes were found – please send those my way as well!

Some of our greatest memories come from the kitchen . . . and those Deliciously Dirty Pages.

Favorite recipes from the Lutheran Ladies in 1976

This week’s Deliciously Dirty Page was provided by Kathy Larson, a longtime Hampton resident who now resides at Johnson Lake.

She pulled out her old cookbook, “Favorite Recipes,” which was compiled by the Women of the Lutheran Church in the 1970s.

This beautiful gem of a book is pictorial and full of special recipes. She also added that, “There are plenty of dirty pages in this one” meaning the Lutheran Ladies knew how to cook.

Sarah Lee Coffee Cake by Darlene Young

1 package yellow cake mix

1 package instant vanilla pudding

¾ cup corn oil

¾ cup water

4 eggs (two at a time)

1 tablespoon butter extract

1 tablespoon vanilla

¼ cup sugar

3 teaspoons cinnamon

Blend cake mix with instant pudding, corn oil, water and eggs, adding eggs two at a time. Beat for eight minutes, then add butter extract and vanilla and mix until blended. Grease three cake pans generously. Put big half of batter in pans. Mix sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle over batter, then add remaining batter, dividing evenly between pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

While baking, prepare glaze.

Glaze recipe:

1 cup powdered sugar

2 tablespoons milk

½ teaspoon butter extract

½ teaspoon vanilla

Mix and spread over cake; allow 10 minutes for cake to cool before frosting with glaze.


Cream of Carrot Soup

The name of the person who provided this for a 1956 Faith Lutheran Church Cookbook was not listed. But it does refer to a bachelor party of all things.

Serves 6

1 cup sliced carrots

1 sliced medium onion

1 stalk celery with leaves

1 ½ cups chicken stock

1 teaspoon salt

Generous pinch cayenne

¾ cup cream

Diced pimento

Bring carrots, celery, onion and ½ stock to a boil. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Put mixture in blender and then add salt and cayenne. Turn blender to high and add remaining stock and cream slowly. Chill and serve garnished with pimento. (This was served at Kenny Brown’s bachelor party . . . the rest of the dinner is a mystery). (Writer’s note – yes, this was included in the recipe).


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