Man who fled from deputies pleads no contest to charges

YORK – Shane McManamon, 47, of Lincoln, who fled from York County Sheriff’s deputies in a high speed pursuit, has pleaded no contest to several charges.

He was taken into custody last October and formally charged.

The case began when a deputy was on regular duty on Interstate 80. According to court documents, he saw a speeding vehicle which did not have any license plates.

The deputy tried to initiate a traffic stop, but the driver – McManamon – exited the interstate at York and then accelerated back onto the interstate.

McManamon’s vehicle reached speeds over 130 mph while the pursuit continued. According to court documents, when he saw a Nebraska State Patrol trooper attempting to throw stop sticks, “he entered the median and began traveling back eastbound. The vehicle passed other vehicles on the shoulder at a high rate of speed, then exited the interstate at mile marker 360. The pursuit then continued onto gravel roads with speeds reaching upwards of 80 mph. The vehicle approached an intersection where the eastbound road was closed. The driver lost control and entered the ditch at County Roads X and 3. The vehicle’s airbag deployed, causing the vehicle to stall. The driver refused commands to exit the vehicle, he began mocking law enforcement by grabbing his groin area and flipping us off. He was also refusing commands so we could take him into custody. He was yelling at us to just kill him.”

Eventually he was taken into custody.

During their contact, the deputies said they could smell alcohol and he was tested, showing his BAC was over .08.

It is noted in court documents how his criminal history shows he is a convicted felon who was discharged in 2018 after serving 23 years in prison for second degree murder, robbery and attempted burglary in Madison and Platte counties. He was also, at that moment, out on bond in Lancaster County, is a case involving leaving the scene of an injury accident. A review of his bond was that he had a condition of no driving.

This week, he pleaded no contest to operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest, a Class 4 felony; willful reckless driving, a Class 3 misdemeanor and driving under the influence. Once count of obstructing an officer was dismissed.

He will be sentenced May 21 in York County District Court.

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