Certified letters sent to property owners in path of proposed Project Access York, with city inviting them to individual meetings

YORK — On Tuesday, March 12,  the city of York sent certified letters to the 21 property owners whose properties lies in the path of the proposed Project Access York trail expansion, inviting them to individual meetings regarding their properties and how the proposed project might impact them. This is an effort to meet one-on-one with the property owners.

York City Administrator Dr. Sue Crawford said, “The letters invite the property owners to individual meetings with engineers and city officials before the proposed trail location gets released to the public for comment later this spring. The meetings will allow the landowners to discuss concerns that they have about where the trail crosses their land and other questions. Once the trail location is finalized, compensation for use of property and accommodations, like fences, to reduce the impact of the trail on the property, will be negotiated with each of the landowners.”

Dr. Crawford said the city asked the engineers to design the trail to be as least intrusive as possible for property owners. “The current trail proposal mostly sits on city property that runs alongside city streets and connects to trails in city parks. The proposed trail locations for about nine miles of new pedestrian and bike access all throughout the city will only require negotiating permanent access to 21 properties.”

In 2022, the City of York was awarded a $15.6 million federal grant for Project Access York – a pedestrian and bicycle trail project to improve safety and connectivity throughout the city and expand the current network of trails. On March 30, 2023, the city held a public open house to share information about the project and receive feedback from the public on the proposed trail location. Prior to the public open house, a day-long design meeting was hosted by the City of York and the city’s consultant, Olsson, and included input from business owners, law enforcement, city council, school district, chamber of commerce, county and city officials, and the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

“This spring the city will work with the project engineers to present the proposed trail locations to the public and collect public input on the proposed locations,” Dr. Crawford said. “Notices for these meetings will be in local news outlets, the city webpage and Facebook page. If you want to receive notices about future meetings, sign up for the City of York app, or send your name and email address to Dr. Sue Crawford at scrawford@cityofyork.net.”




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