York County housing rehabilitation grant program sees great success

YORK COUNTY – Several years ago, York County  officials agreed to participate in a grant program intended to assist in owner-occupied housing rehabilitation. The $500,000 grant program consisted of state funds as well as county participation by way of a local match.

It has seen great success, as all the funds have been awarded and utilized for these types of projects, undertaken by qualified homeowners.

The intent has been to help these homeowners make improvements to their homes, to bring them up to code, improve safety and efficiency. And grants were awarded to projects in all the communities within the county.

The Southeast Nebraska Development District administered the grants with the county board members approving projects.

This past week, York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier told his fellow board members after the latest projects were approved, $42,000 is left for the rehabilitation project. “We started with $500,00 so this has been very successful.”

Two more projects will soon take place – that will end this specific program in York County.

“In the end, 19 homes will have been assisted with this program,” Obermier said.

He also noted they would be asking SENDD officials to provide a list in the near future, outlining all the communities where the projects took place.



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