Increased effort to collect old court costs, fines and restitutions nets $22,000 with more to come

YORK COUNTY – York County District Court Clerk Sharilyn Steube says an increased effort in her office, to collect old court costs, fines and restitution, has already brought in more than $22,000.

Steube told the York County Commissioners this week how the heightened effort to collect the otherwise uncollectable began in her office as they developed a policy to make a strong push to contact and notify those who still owe money to the court, even if it was a court-related situation decades ago.

She said this new project is being undertaken by a specific staff member in her office, who is following new procedures to see this take place.

“As of right now, already, we have collected $22,800 in uncollected court costs, fees, fines, restitution,” Steube said. “It also includes about $8,000 in partial payments. Now we have a policy in place to pursue those that have not yet been paid.”

She said the oldest newly-collected fine/fee so far dates clear back to 1998.

This money is dispersed to a number of different entities, depending on the type of fee/fine/restitution it is. If it is restitution, that money goes back to the victim. Fines are dispersed to school districts.


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