Four Corners Health Department: Sleep Awareness Week

Do you notice a difference in how you feel when you don’t sleep well? Did you know that there are things you can do to make your sleep better? Sleep Awareness Week is this week.

Good sleep is important for your health and well-being. Here are some tips to help you sleep better:

Regular schedule: Keep a regular schedule. Even on the weekend or if you’re on vacation you should try to wake up and go to sleep close to the same time. This helps your body’s clock stay on track.

Amount of sleep: Make sure you plan to get the right amount of sleep. Most adults should receive 7-8 hours of sleep. Children need even more sleep.

Limit screens: The blue light that comes from electronic devices stops the chemical that tells your brain it’s time to sleep. Avoid using your phone or watching TV before you go to bed. Try to read a book or journal instead.

Drink less: Caffeine is meant to keep you awake. Drinking caffeine too close to when you want to go to bed can keep you up tossing and turning. It can also hurt the amount of deep sleep that you can get. Alcohol can also lessen your deep sleep and cause sleep disruptions. Drinking a large amount of water or eating a lot before bed can cause you to get up more times throughout the night.

Comfort: Be sure the room is dark. Start turning out lights as it gets closer to bedtime. Try to avoid anything that could make noise throughout the night. Check that the temperature is set so you don’t wake up cold or hot in the middle of the night. Do you need a different pillow or more blankets?

Can’t sleep? Don’t just toss and turn in bed. It is more effective to get out of bed. Go get a drink or use the bathroom. Write down what’s on your mind or read a chapter of a book. Then try to sleep again.

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