York University announces Founders Scholarship which would provide 50% off tuition

YORK — York University has announced a new scholarship opportunity for students active in the Churches of Christ and the Christian Church, effective immediately. The Founders Scholarship will grant 50% off tuition for prospective undergraduate students who are eligible. This scholarship will be renewable each year as long as the student continues to meet the criteria.

Vice President of Enrollment Roni Miller emphasized the profound impact she anticipates the Founders Scholarship will have, stating, “We are excited to introduce the Founders Scholarship as a beacon of opportunity for students within Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. This scholarship embodies our dedication to fostering both academic excellence and spiritual development, equipping students to thrive in their studies and beyond.”

Prospective students from Churches of Christ and Christian Churches are encouraged to explore the myriad possibilities offered by the Founders Scholarship and the vibrant community at York University. Students interested in this scholarship opportunity are encouraged to contact Roni Miller rsmiller@york.edu for more information.

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The criteria for eligibility include:

  1. Active membership in Church of Christ or Christian Church: Prospective students should be actively involved in a Church of Christ or Christian Church community.
  2. Full-time seated undergraduate student: The scholarship is intended for students who plan to enroll as full-time seated undergraduate students at York University.
  3. Residence on campus: To qualify for the scholarship, students should commit to living on campus during their academic tenure at York University.
  4. Minimum 2.5 GPA: Recipients must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.5 to remain eligible for the scholarship.
  5. Regular church attendance: Students should demonstrate a commitment to their faith by regularly attending church service.
  6. Serve as student representative: For special university related events the students receiving this scholarship may be asked to attend events to represent the student body.

President Sam Smith said, “Providing financial support to students who meet the Founders Scholarship criteria will enrich the university community and help us build an even stronger Christian culture on campus. When I travel, I meet some of the most amazing students, some of them are children of alumni and others are members of the church who are already leading their respective congregations. I want every single one of those students to be able to attend York University!”


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