Cool things happening at YHS Physical Education Department

YORK – There are some very cool things happening in the York High School Physical Education Department, as students are the beneficiaries of amazing new experiences while learning valuable skills.

Kayla Mackovicka, health class teacher, explained, “We are currently in our CPR unit. So far, we have learned the adult CPR process, and will start in the child/infant process very soon. The students will also learn how to use an AED and how to save a choking victim.”

In the physical education department, teacher Ryan Johnson said, “We are currently playing a non-traditional game called Tchoukball. This game originated in Switzerland. The objective of the game is for your team to hit the ball off the net and have it land on the ground in the playing area for a point. Defensively, your goal is to catch the ball off the net, so the opposing team does not score a point.”

And in the weight room, teacher Glen Snodgrass said students are “just now finishing our second macro cycle for the winter sports season. We always focus on speed and explosive power to help our kids become better athletes for their various teams as well as working on keeping joints and muscles safe and reducing the chance of injury as they go through sports and life. After the winter sports season is over, we will take a few days off and play some games, then max out on our core lifts and test for speed, agility and jumping ability.”

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