“America At War” display to close Thursday, Feb. 29; local art display to open next

YORK — The America At War display at the museum will close Feb. 29; soon after, a display dedicated to local art will open.

Then, approximately two weeks later, a new display will open, says Carrie Remmers, museum director.

The next display will be an art exhibit, which will run from mid-March to mid-May. They will be featuring art from the museum’s existing collection as well as community submissions. Remmers says at the end of that exhibit, there will be a vote on favorites from the community submissions and the winning items will become part of the museum’s permanent collection. They also plan to host art classes on site, guest speakers, a program about the mural on the side of the building and more.

“So far, our plan is to display art pieces currently in the museum’s collection — we have several paintings, sketches, quilts and other craftwork pieces — while leaving some space for the community to submit their own artwork,” Remmers said. “Anyone can submit an art piece, regardless of age or location, as long as they can physically drop off the item. During programs led by guest artists, we will have art supplies on hand, but otherwise people can bring in items already crafted.


“The art programs will be led by local artists,” Remmers explained. “We will be asking for volunteers soon, once we have a schedule up and running, so if you are an artist and are interested in teaching a class, stay tuned. We are hoping these programs could be a platform for local artists to share their work as well as make connections with fellow artists in the community.”

She noted the museum does have quite a physical art collection, but they are also hoping to reach out to the musical and visual arts communities as well.

“We are grateful for the variety of art pieces in our collection, as well as the giant mural on our exterior,” Remmers said. “We are looking forward to displaying items as well as seeing the community’s submissions.”

Plans for the summer/fall display are to feature an exhibit celebrating the history of York and Nebraska in general.

Remmers says the rotating themes “instead of a solid, permanent display is an effort to feature each and every item in our collection so it gets the proper attention it deserves. It also gives us the opportunity to host themed programming and reach out to different members of the public.”

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