York University Theatre Department presents “Foolish Fish Girls and The Pearl”

YORK — The York University Theatre Department presented “Foolish Fish Girls and The Pearl,” a contemporary comedy, this past week.

Former deep-sea divas Coral and Oceana, played by Leah Lane-Embray and Eliza Rohda respectively, didn’t exactly have the “happily ever after” storybook lives that the two ex-mermaids dreamed of when they rescued their handsome young sailors and swam ashore 30 years ago. Talk about unhappy endings! “Foolish Fishgirls and The Pearl” is a feisty fairy tale about a mermaid’s life on dry land after true love is found, lost and found again. And, like Coral and Oceana, attendees found “happily ever after” is closer than they thought.

The cast also included Dalton Brandt, Sam Cook, Addison Harrold, Orren Limbrick and Drake Richtarik.

This was the final York University mainstage production for Brandt and Lane-Embray.

“My experience on the YU stage has been one of the best parts of my college career,” said Brandt, a senior from Aurora, Nebraska. “I’ve met some of my best friends while doing theatre here. I will never forget how much theatre means to me, or the people I’ve met while doing theatre at YU. It has truly become my passion and it’s a blessing to see that same passion grow within others.”

“I have loved being on the YU stage,” expressed Lane-Embray, a senior from St. Joseph, Missouri. “I never did theatre before York, and I know that my time on this stage has changed my life forever. I’ll never forget this time, and I have a special place in my heart for John, the actors I’ve performed with, and the audiences I have gotten to perform for here at YU. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

“This was such a fun comedy to be a part of,” shared Cook, a junior from Murray, Nebraska. “There are endless laughs and it is super cool to see how intertwined the whole storyline is”

Director John Baker is in his 27th year at York University.  “Foolish Fish Girls and The Pearl  was his 80th show directed on the YU stage. Tanner Lebs was the student assistant director.”

The show was presented at the Bartholomew Performing Arts Center on the York University campus.


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