City continues property insurance contract

YORK – This past week, the York City Insurance Committee brought forward its recommendation to continue the municipality’s property insurance contract, with the York City Council agreeing.

Mayor Barry Redfern recognized the city had some very large claims in the last year, thanks to the major hail storms which hit the city and created serious damage to all the city-owned properties and many city-owned vehicles.

Councilman Tony North, who sits on the insurance committee said, “considering that last big hail storm was catastrophic, we should be pretty happy with the deductible. The insurance committee looked very closely at this and worked very hard on this.”

The city’s 5-year loss history (2020-2024) shows the following amounts of damages/claims:

  • Commercial auto: $206,403
  • Equipment floater: $2,025
  • Commercial property: $4,938,066
  • General liability: $55,696
  • Law enforcement liability: $242,000
  • Worker compensation: $296,018
  • Total 5-year losses: $5,740,208

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The city has also received dividends year to year. While the 2023 dividend is yet to be determined, the following were paid out to the city over the last 10 years:

  • 2022: $15,741
  • 2021: $108,716
  • 2020: 89,768
  • 2019: $77,754
  • 2018: $59,791
  • 2017: $58,160
  • No dividends were paid between 2014 and 2016
  • 2013: $2,730
  • 2012: $59,753
  • 10-year total: $472,413 paid to city so far

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