City’s audit for 2022-23 fiscal year presented, full compliance found with city’s positive benchmarks exceeding recommended levels

YORK – This past week, the City of York audit for 2022-23 was presented by AMGL, the firm contracted to conduct the annual audit – with the auditors saying the city “complied, in all material respects, with the specified compliance requirements.”

One of the more interesting aspects of the annual audit is the benchmarking, which shows how York compares with other similar cities (referred to as peer groups) in a number of aspects, as well as how the city compares with recommendations from the auditors.

As the auditors explained, York has a higher valuation per capita. While the auditors recommended a per capita valuation of $72,754, York’s came in at $79,266.

Auditors also noted how the city “is right at the recommended levels” when it comes to net positions.

The city’s revenue sources continue to be ‘very strong and increasing.” The city’s per capita figures when it comes to revenue are more desirable than what is even recommended or recognized in similar cities. The following figures, per capita, are for each revenue stream:

  • City sales tax revenue, per capita: recommended, $425; actual for York, $839
  • Property tax revenue, per capita: recommended, $254; actual for York, $256
  • Occupation/franchise tax revenue, per capita: recommended, $105; actual for York, $345
  • State allocations, per capita: recommended, $188; actual for York, $172
  • Charges for services, per capita: recommended $105; actual for York, $270

“Property taxes come in much lower than your peer cities, there is a lot of consistency on franchise taxes,” the auditors said. “This past year, your levy dropped, so you (the City of York) are 6 cents less than your peer group.”

As usual, it was noted how the city’s sales tax revenue is very high, compared to the revenue found in similar cities.

They also noted the city has done a good amount of capital replacements in recent history, while also “doing great for reserves for utilities (landfill, sewer and water).

When it comes to the city’s outstanding debt compared to valuation, a 5% ranking is considered good while a 3% ranking is considered excellent. York came in at 3.03%.

“This year’s audit is very similar to our audits in the last few years,” commented York City Councilman Jerry Wilkinson.

“Yes, and the benchmark report really helps us compare ourselves with other similar cities,” said Mayor Barry Redfern. “All of this information will be on the city website for the public to see.”

The council approved the audit.

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