City to conduct additional due diligence studies for new industrial park

YORK – The City of York will be conducting additional due diligence studies for the new industrial park located in northwest York.

This property was recently purchased by the city with the intention to market it for private industrial use.

The property is dissected by Highway 34/81, with the closest city-owned property being the landfill.

This week, the council agreed to use new grant money to pay Olsson Inc. an additional $24,625, to include geotechnical services and a traffic impact study in the due diligence work they’ve already been hired to do.

As explained by York City Administrator Sue Crawford, the city is working with the York County Development Corporation in marketing this property. She said she feels these extra due diligence steps “will be very valuable for the city and for potential investors.”

The council agreed and approved the additional due diligence studies.

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