Warrant issued for man who allegedly drove high on drugs in York County

YORK COUNTY – This week, in York County District Court, a bench warrant was issued for Skyler Bonacci, 31, of Omaha, after he failed to show up for arraignment proceedings in a case involving his alleged driving while under the influence of drugs in York County.

He is charged with possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence of drugs.

Arraignment proceedings will be rescheduled after he is taken into custody for his failure to appear.

According to court documents, this case began when deputies with the York County Sheriff’s Department were advised how York County Emergency Communications had received a call for service regarding a motorist who was unable to maintain his lane on Interstate 80. The reporting party was following the vehicle at the time, on the interstate, traveling west.

The deputy found the vehicle and allegedly saw the vehicle traveling on the north shoulder, then moving into the passing lane and staying there. A traffic stop was initiated although it took nearly a half-mile or more for the driver to come to a stop.

The deputy alleges Bonacci was the driver and he could smell marijuana when speaking with him. The deputy said in court documents Bonacci appeared to be over-animated and making sporadic movements. When the deputy told him to exit the vehicle, “he exited in a strange manner. He bladed his body away from me, therefore obstructing my view of what he was doing. It appeared he was attempting to move something in the vehicle. I noticed he had pinpoint pupils and was still fidgeting and scratching, which led me to believe he was either extremely nervous or potentially under the influence.”

During a search of the vehicle, deputies found pills, a credit card with white and blue residue, rolled dollar bills, a THC vape pen, dispensary container labeled THC, Oxycodone pills. Due to the potential presence of fentanyl, further testing was to be conducted by the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Laboratory.

And it was determined at the York County Jail he was under the influence of a narcotic analgesic and was unable to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Deputies further allege the defendant claimed ownership of the pills, saying he had recently gotten out of jail in Colorado and has had an issue with opioid addiction.

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