The Deliciously Dirty Pages — God’s gift of ice cream

This is the latest installment of the feature on to showcase old, tried and true, family favorite recipes handed down through the generations. And where are they found? On the dirtiest, most stained pages of beloved old cookbooks.

These aren’t The White Pages. They aren’t the Yellow Pages. They are the Deliciously Dirty Pages, where good cooking and memories of great cooks are forever preserved.

This writer has a collection of old cookbooks, ranging in age from 40 to 70 years old, which were used by her mother. She kept the cookbooks and has beautiful memories of making those favored recipes, as well as spilling ingredients on the pages.

The theory is the dirtier the page, the better the recipe.

Each Wednesday, JustMelanieW is featuring these culinary wonders, sure to still please because they have been made many times with great success – again, identified by being on the dirtiest pages of these archival hard copy treasures.

We would also love to share your family favorite recipes from your own Deliciously Dirty Pages. Just send them to And if you want to share pictures of the end product, or your family making it, or a picture of the dirty cookbook pages where the recipes were found – please send those my way as well!

Some of our greatest memories come from the kitchen . . . and those Deliciously Dirty Pages.


Today’s recipes: God’s gift of ice cream

Making homemade ice cream today is so much easier than when I was a kid. Mom made the concoction and then poured into our old hand-crank ice cream maker. It couldn’t be called a machine because us kids did all the work.

She’d pour the mixture into the interior and close the lid. Then she’d pack snow or ice in the outer circle, adding some salt. And then for what seemed like years, we’d take turns turning the crank which stirred and spun the concoction until it somehow turned into beautiful ice cream.

Then we had our reward — a reward we ate too fast so we always got fantastic headaches which hurt but made us laugh.

In today’s world, we can obviously buy any kind of ice cream we want in a million different places. And if we want to make homemade ice cream, there are machines that do the work for us.

I got to thinking about ice cream this morning — guess I’m having a hankering — and I found the recipe my mom used. I thought I’d share.

Homemade Ice Cream, made by Cheri Mueller, recipe given to her by Mrs. Vincent Thiele

8 eggs

2 cups sugar

Dash of salt

1 tablespoon vanilla


Beat eggs and sugar well. Add salt and vanilla, mix well. Add 2 cups milk and again mix well. Pour into freezer container and add enough whole milk to fill container until one inch from the top. (Then proceed with the creation method of choice).


Ice Cream Dessert by Mary Moser

Speaking of ice cream, I remember a beautiful recipe my aunts used to make, using ice cream, which was my favorite growing up. When we found out ice cream dessert was going to be part of our holiday meal, or just a Sunday dinner with my mom’s family, it was something to look forward to.

2 cups crushed graham crackers

1 cup crushed soda crackers

1 stick butter

4 1/2 ounces of Cool Whip

2 boxes vanilla instant pudding mix

2 cups milk

1 quart vanilla ice cream

2 Butterfinger candy bars

Melt the butter and add the crushed graham and soda crackers. Put 2/3 of the crumbs in 9×13-inch pan. mix the 2 boxes of instant pudding with the milk and add the 1 quart of ice cream, which had been softened. Pour over the crumbs and chill. Then put the Cool Whip over it. Crush the 2 chilled candy bars and mix in with the remaining 1/3 crumbs and spread on top of all. Chill.

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