Questions of the Week – Readers ask about industrial park, election dates, planning commission and poinsettias

The following questions were asked recently by inquiring readers:


Q: What was the first business in the old industrial park in York? I moved here about 15 years ago and remember seeing how inch by inch that area of town filled with businesses. I’m just curious as to which one came first.

A: The first business in the old industrial park (referred to as old now, because it is completely filled and the city has already moved on to marketing its third industrial area) was Champion Homes.


Q: Why does the county require incumbents to file their election candidacies earlier than non-incumbents?

A: The county simply complies with state law. State statutes call for Primary election filings to be done by incumbents by Feb. 15 and by non-incumbents by March 1. The county does not make that decision, as far as the dates. It is mandated by the state and dates are subsequently set by the Nebraska Secretary of State.


Q: I was at the solar regulation meeting the other night at the Holthus Convention Center and I’m upset because we just couldn’t hear what the board was saying. I think the York County Commissioners need to have a re-do on that meeting.

A: That was not a meeting of the York County Commissioners – that was a meeting of the York County Planning and Zoning Commission. The York County Commissioners had nothing to do with that meeting.

As far as the county commissioners having a meeting about those solar field regulations – that will likely happen later this month as the matter comes before them for public hearing and final decisions. The Planning and Zoning Commission formulates recommendations for the York County Commissioners and they do not make any final decisions. All final decisions regarding those proposed zoning regulations are made by the York County Commissioners.


Q: I got a poinsettia from York FFA before Christmas and I just marvel at the fact it looks just as good now as it did before Christmas! My question is how long can a poinsettia possibly last after you get one for Christmas?

A: Southern Living Magazine says, “if cared for properly, a potted poinsettia can last for two to three months in your home. However, some home gardeners with a particularly green thumb may enjoy the challenge of caring for a poinsettia long after Christmas in hopes of a second bloom next holiday.”

Poinsettias are tropical plants and they prefer bright, indirect light and warm temperatures. They also need consistent moisture, but not over watering.

For those who might want to try to keep a poinsettia alive, according to the Iowa State University, “cut stems back to within four to six inches of the soil in March. The poinsettia may also be repotted at this time. When new growth appears, place the poinsettia in a sunny window.”


Q: Was that scheduled gas line work done in York, which was supposed to happen a few weeks ago – did that happen? Or does that still have to happen?

A: The gas line work was delayed due to the heavy snow and extremely cold temperatures.


Q: How old are the Obama girls now?

A: Malia Obama is 25 years old, Sasha is 22. Both live in Los Angeles, California.


Q: I love how Molly Yeh, on the Food Network, cooks in that old-style kitchen in her house. Is that actually her kitchen or is it a television filming set? And I love it when she cooks with her mother-in-law – what is her name?

A: Well, both.

According to an episode in her show, she and her husband and kids actually do live in that house, which used to be the home of his grandparents. They moved in and when her show started, filming was done in that old-fashioned kitchen which was also their personal kitchen.

As her show and their family grew, they built on to the original farmhouse, adding a new kitchen for themselves, allowing the old kitchen to be expressly used for filming her cooking show.

Her mother-in-law’s name is Roxanne Hagen.


Q: I just wanted to say thank you to whomever put dry dirt down and cleaned up the muddy/icy/snowy entrance to the dog park. I’m older and it was hard after the snow/thaw for me to get in and out as I took my little guy out there. It’s wonderful again. Who takes care of the dog park in York? 

A: The dog park in York is cared for by the city.


Q: What foods should not be fed to chickens?

A: A lot of sources/experts say do not give the following to chickens:

  • Avocado skins and pits are poisonous to chickens. This can cause breathing and/or heart problems, possibly resulting in death
  • Raw or dried beans
  • Raw green potato skins
  • Avoid feeding your chickens rhubarb or tomato plants
  • Chocolate
  • Apple seeds
  • Apricot pits and leaves
  • Celery




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