Personal property returns to be mailed out Feb. 2

YORK COUNTY – The York County Assessor’s office will be sending out personal property tax returns for 2024, on Feb. 2.

York County Assessor Kurt Bulgrin says owners of depreciable taxable tangible personal property must file their Nebraska Personal Property Return and Schedule forms on or before May 1.

The filings must be done with the county assessor where the personal property is located. If someone has property in more than one location, they should contact the assessor’s office to determine the tax district.

As explained by Bulgrin, as well as the Nebraska Department of Revenue Property Assessment Division, a personal property return and schedule must be filed for personal property which is owned or held on Jan. 1, at 12:01 a.m., of that year; or leased from or to another person.

If depreciable tangible personal property subject to taxation is not reported by May 1, it is subject to penalties. If value is added after May 1 but on or before June 30, the penalty is 10% of the tax due on the value added. If value is added on or after July 1, the penalty is 25% of the tax due on the value added.

The payment or non-payment of sales tax does not impact the property tax status of the tangible personal property.

Bulgrin added that if someone owning personal property does not receive a return in the mail, they can contact his office.

If someone has questions about the process, their taxing district or what is considered taxable personal property, they can contact the York County Assessor’s office at 402-362-4926.



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