York woman accused of delivery of controlled substances near school

YORK – Three felony charges have been filed against Jenifer Groom, 38, of York, referring to her alleged delivery of controlled substances near a school, tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled substance.

The case has been bound over to District Court and arraignment proceedings are pending.

According to court documents, officers with the York Police Department were attempting to serve arrest warrants on a man when they spoke with Groom at their home. Investigators say Groom answered the door and told them he was not there. She did give permission to check the home, according to the affidavit.

But when they entered, the man emerged from a back room and a third individual exited the same room.

During a search of the residence, officers allegedly found a straw, sealed for distribution, containing .57 grams of methamphetamine; a homemade smoking device with one gram of methamphetamine; a straw sealed for distribution containing methamphetamine; a glass jar with THC; and a flashlight containing methamphetamine.

Groom was placed under arrest for a warrant out of Lancaster County. The man was arrested for his warrant out of York County.

Once at the jail, Groom told officers there was more methamphetamine located at the residence.

Officers returned and found a scale with methamphetamine on it; a calculator with 1.26 grams of meth next to straws.

It is alleged the woman staying at the residence told officers the couple had been selling narcotics.

Meanwhile, a corrections officer at the jail said she found 2.05 grams of methamphetamine during a strip search on Groom.

It was noted the residence was less than 1,000 feet from First Step Daycare.

The woman staying with them was identified as Hollie Defenbaugh, 40, of York. She was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, Class 4 felonies, and tampering with evidence, a Class 4 felony. She’s pleaded not guilty.


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