Commissioners agree to allow chairman to continue making emergency declarations

YORK COUNTY – The York County Commissioners have agreed to continue to allow the county board chairman to make emergency declarations, including the closure of the courthouse and county departments when warranted.

Sometimes there are emergency situations – such as a blizzard (as seen in recent days), or a bomb threat (as seen in the past), as examples – where the ability to convene the entire board isn’t feasible and immediate decisions have to be made. So years ago, the county board agreed to give the declaration power to the chairman.

“It’s something we have done the last few years, at the start of the year right after the chairman is chosen, and I think it’s been going well,” explained York County Commissioner Chairman Randy Obermier.

The other commissioners agreed and the practice will continue.

It should also be remembered that elected county officials are still in charge of their own departments. If they chosen to be open or closed, despite whether the courthouse is open or closed, they have that power given to them by state law.

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